The Skill Sessions Workshop Series helps participants develop technical and professional skills.
The Foster Family Center for Engineering Service Learning is UC Merced's premier avenue for experiential learning.

  Leave a lasting impact on your community and gain valuable hands-on experience through the Engineering Service Learning courses. UC Merced students have an opportunity to leave their marks on the community by partnering with local nonprofits to design meaningful solutions to the challenges faced by community partners every day. Click HERE to learn more about how you can be a part of Engineering Service Learning.


Engineering Service Learning courses (ENGR 097/197) allow UC Merced students to see the contributions they can make to their community while learning about design as a process. 

The Engineering Service Learning courses started as UC Merced's inaugural and unique way to structure experiential learning, and have been the foundation of The Foster Family Center for Engineering Service Learning since its inception.

Teams of students from all majors and grade levels design and implement innovative engineering solutions to the meet the challenges faced by nonprofit community partners. 

By capitalizing on the strengths of all disciplines represented at UC Merced, Engineering Service Learning teams are able to implement meaningful solutions that have lasting effects on their community.